Scent Profiles





  Chloe - Interpretation of Chloe original perfume


·        Top note: bergamot

·        Middle notes : jasmine, rose, geranium

·        Base notes: amber, vanilla, tree moss, cedarwood


Tigerlily and Patchouli - Perfect scent for the romantic


·        Top note: citrus, berry

·        Middle notes : Tigerlily, rose

·        Base notes: patchouli, white musk


Lemon Verbena - Scent begins with lemon, combines with lavender, geranium rose and lemongrass.  


·        Top notes: lime, grapefruit

·        Middle notes:  lemongrass, verbena

·        Base notes: geranium, musk


Rubis - A couture blend. Fresh, green, woody – sensational!


·        Top notes: lychee, apple

·        Middle notes:  muguet, rose, spice

·        Base notes: sandalwood, musk, amber


Green Tea & Lemongrass - Refreshing and unique scent


·        Top notes: green tea, lemon zest

·        Middle notes:  lemongrass, lemon myrtle, gardenia

·        Base notes: vanilla, musk


Caramel Vanilla - Sweet and salty buttery caramel this sweet scent is balanced with rich creamy vanilla, coconut.

·        Top note: cinnamon

·        Middle notes : creamy caramel, butter

·        Base notes : Vanilla


Lemongrass and Persian Lime - A bold citrus combination with a lemongrass punch.

·        Top notes: lemon peel, lime zest

·        Middle notes:  lemongrass, jasmine

·        Base notes: vanilla bean, rosewood


Brown Sugar & Vanilla - Brown sugar and vanilla, muted and sweet scent

·        Top notes: mandarin, lemon

·        Middle notes:  vanilla orchid, apple

·        Base notes : vanilla bean, caramel, musk.


Cotton Magnolia - A cool, fresh scent


·        Top notes: aidehydes, orange

·        Middle notes:  magnolia violet

·        Base notes: musk, powdery, tonka


Luxury Bouquet - A beautiful luxurious floral blend with hints of rose, lily and carnations.

·        Top notes:  Rose, Lily

·        Middle notes: Carnations

·        Base notes: Geranium


Teak, Ebony & Vanilla - Aidehyde, wood and amber – perfect combination!

·        Top notes: aidehydes, fresh

·        Middle notes:  jasmine, water

·        Base notes: wood, vanilla balsam, sweet


Sandalwood, Patchouli & Vanilla - A warming woody scent.

·        Top notes: vanilla bean, jasmine

·        Middle notes:  neroli, muguet

·        Base notes: sandalwood, patchouli


Mint Mojito- Reminiscent of the summertime cocktail – citrusy and sweet!

·        Top notes: spearmint, lime, vanilla

·        Middle notes:  white rum, sugar

·        Base notes: musk, amber


Secret Garden- A simply great floral fragrance!


·        Top notes: Camelia, Magnolia

·        Middle notes:  Sweet Pea

·        Base notes: Hyacinth


Sex on the Beach- A playful rendition of the classic tropical cocktail.

·        Top notes: pineapple, cranberry

·        Middle notes:  peach, banana

·        Base notes: coconut, jasmine, petals


Citrus Splash- A fresh and stimulating citrus blend


·        Top notes: lemon, lime

·        Middle notes:  mandarin, grapefruit

·        Base notes: amber, cedarwood


Egyptian Amber- A unisex fragrance, clean and sweet in its base of vanilla, musk and sandalwood.

·        Top notes: orange, citrus

·        Middle notes:  jasmine, lavender

·        Base notes: vanilla, sandalwood, musk